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‘Fostering The Future’: A Narrative Review Exploring Barriers and Enablers to Doctors Pursuing a Medical Educator Pathway in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Author: Sarah van der Hock
“Labetalol Causing Possible False Positive Amphetamine Toxicology Screen Results in a Pregnant Woman with Hypertensive Crisis: Case Study and Report”
Author: Sarah Winter-Irving
“Consumption of Thought”: A Gynaecological Oncology Diagnostic Dilemma
Author: Lucy Walsh
5 Year Retrospective Audit of Hysterectomy at a Major Tertiary Hospital in Western Australia
Author: Frances Tolman
A Breech, Bicornuate Post-partum Haemorrhage
Author: Michael McKendrick
A Case of HPV-Negative Undifferentiated Carcinoma of the Cervix
Author: Melissa Alim
A Case Of Nivolumab In Recurrence Of Endometrial Cancer
Author: Evangeline Morris
A Case of Parasitic Leiomyoma at Caesarean Section
Author: Christy Ko
A Case of Pelvic Actinomycosis – An Atypical Presentation of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
Author: Erika White
A Case of Primary Omental Pregnancy
Author: Charlotte Pugh
A Case of Severe Chorioamnionitis Resulting in Intra-Abdominal Abscess and Wound Infection from Group B Streptococcus
Author: Michelle Mei Ying Tiong
A Case of Severe Pre-Eclampsia Requiring an Emergent Surgical Airway
Author: Jack Giddey
A Case Report of a Heterotopic Pregnancy Presenting as Two Ectopic Pregnancies
Author: Ellen Barr
A Case Report of Pregnancy Loss in a Young Aboriginal Female Off Country
Author: Emma Watson
A Close Curette: A Case Report on an Undiagnosed Arteriovenous Malformation
Author: Michael McKendrick
A Large Cervical Fibroid Masquerading as a Cervical Polyp Requiring Emergency Abdominal Myomectomy
Author: Matilda Maynard
A Multidisciplinary Approach to Management of McArdle Syndrome in Pregnancy: A Case Report
Author: Antony Salib
A Rare Case of Acute Hypertriglyceridaemia-Induced Pancreatitis Diagnosed at Caesarean section: case study and report
Author: Sarah Winter-Irving
A Rare Case of Fetal Distress from Umbilical Cord Strangulation by Amniotic Band in the Third Trimester
Author: Alessia Bragagnolo
A Rare Case of Intra-uterine Coil Migration Following Ovarian Vein Embolisation
Author: Jennifer Yang
A Rare Case of Placental Mesenchymal Dysplasia with an Associated Fetal Intra-Abdominal Cyst and Ventriculomegaly
Author: Jack Giddey
A Rare Case of Pregnancy in a Rudimentary Non-Communicating Uterine Horn
Author: Julian Vitali
A Rare Case of Spontaneous Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Caused by Group A Streptococcus
Author: Joshua Brousse de Gersigny
A Rare Post-Partum Diagnosis of Cerebrovascular Fibromuscular Dysplasia
Author: Katie Blunt
A Risk Reducing Approach to the Management of Cervical Ectopic Pregnancies: A Case for Two-Dose Intravenous Methotrexate
Author: Olivia MacPherson
Acute Vulvar Abscess – A Rare Complication Following COVID-19 Vaccination
Author: Amanda Ifejika
Acute Vulvar Aphthous Ulcer as a Complication of COVID-19 Infection: A Case Series
Author: Amanda Ifejika
All Wrapped Up: Sextuple Nuchal Cord as a Cause of Fetal Growth Restriction and Reduced Fetal Movements
Author: Bianca Tellis
An Audit of Audits: How have the Obstetrics & Gynaecology Audits at Fiona Stanley Hospital, a Western Australian Tertiary Centre, Performed Over 3 Years
Author: Sabiha Mohamad Zakaria
An Unconventional Use of the Bakri Balloon – Case of Lacerated Vaginal Varices Post Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery
Author: Roshan Zeirideen Zaid
An Unfortunate Case of Measles Infection in Second Trimester of Pregnancy Mistaken for Dengue Fever, Complicated by Septic Abortion in Singapore
Author: Angela Ho
An Unusual Case of Selective Fetal Reduction in a Dichorionic Diamniotic Twin Pregnancy following PPROM with Cord Prolapse in the Second Trimester
Author: Bianca Tellis
Antenatal Vaccination Against COVID-19: Uptake and Documentation at a Tertiary Centre: A Retrospective Audit
Author: Holly Richter
Are Maternal and/ or Fetal Outcomes Worse in Women with Failed Instrumental Delivery Compared to Women Having a Second Stage Caesarean Delivery?
Author: Shawn Tan
Assessing the Accuracy of Quantitative Fetal Fibronectin (FFN) in Predicting Preterm Birth in Symptomatic Women with Multiple Gestation: A Single Tertiary Centre Retrospective Cohort Study between 2019 to 2022
Author: Rosie Browne
Assessment of Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices on COVID-19 Vaccine Among Hight-Risk Pregnant and Lactating Women: A Crosssectional Study in a Philippine Tertiary Hospital
Author: Iris Soria-Arikan
Assessment of Maternal Satisfaction of Outpatient Balloon Catheter and Inpatient Prostaglandin for Cervical Ripening: A Secondary Outcome of the OBLIGE Randomised Controlled Trial
Author: Emilie Robertson
Assessment of Transcranial Doppler Indices after MgSO4 in Severe Preeclampsia with Neurologic Symptoms
Author: "Introduction: The underlying pathophysiological mechanism of neurological complications in PE has not yet been fully elucidated, and predicting neurologic events is difficult because no objective method to evaluate such symptoms in pregnant patients has been established, and the symptoms are non-specific. Transcranial Doppler (TCD) could be used to detect maternal brain involvement in PE, as it is non-invasive and offers high sensitivity. Aims: To investigate the effect of intravenous MgSO4 on maternal cerebral hemodynamics as well as the association between altered Doppler indices of the OA and ocular lesions in patients with preeclampsia. Methods: After each of the 15 included patients was diagnosed with preeclampsia, MgSO4 was infused followed by transcranial Doppler tests of the indices of the ophthalmic, anterior, middle, posterior cerebral, vertebral, and basilar arteries, followed by a second MgSO4 infusion. The peak, mean, diastolic velocity, and pulsatile and resistance indices of each artery were automatically measured during testing. Based on the emergent data, the cerebral perfusion pressure, resistance-area product, and cerebral flow index were calculated. Results: The CPP of the PCA significantly decreased following the infusion of MgSO4 (p < 0 .05). Before the infusion of MgSO4, CPP and CFI of the OA were significantly increased (p < 0 .05) in the preeclampsia with ocular lesions compared those without ocular lesions. After the infusion of MgSO4, the CPP and CFI of both OA were slightly decreased, but the difference was not significant. Discussion: Altered Doppler indices following the infusion of MgSO4 suggest significant changes in the hemodynamics of the PCA and OA that are particularly related to the neurological signs and symptoms of women with preeclampsia. These findings may improve the understanding of the mechanism of the cerebral complications of preeclampsia. "
Assessment of Transcranial Doppler Indices after MgSO4 in Severe Preeclampsia with Neurologic Symptoms
Author: Sul Lee
Asymptomatic Thickened Endometrium in Post-Menopausal Women
Author: Gabrielle Dore
Beware the Dusky Toe: A Curious Case of Thromboembolism in Pregnancy
Author: Carla Pecoraro
Big Bleeding Belly: A Rare Case of Spontaneous Rupture of Leiomyoma
Author: Michael McKendrick
Broad Ligament and Psoas Muscle Leiomyoma: A Case Report
Author: Alissa Barton
Case report – Challenging Category a Emergency Total Abdominal Hysterectomy for Haemorrhagic Shock Secondary to Large Uterine Fibroid
Author: Stephanie Galibert
Case Study: Pessary-Induced Rectovaginal fistulas – A Rare Complication
Author: Theresa Tran
Case Study: Placenta Accreta Spectrum
Author: Melanie Chui
Central Electronic Foetal Monitoring: Are we Improving Perinatal Outcomes?
Author: Muhammad Rauf Mohd Abd Rahman
Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis Postpartum: A Case Report and Literature Review
Author: Rebecca Chou
Chaperones/Clinical Observers in the Practice of Intimate Examinations in Australian Women’s health – Results of a Scoping Literature Review
Author: Olivia Caldow
Comparing of Outcomes in Women with Gestational Diabetes (GDM) Using a Smart Phone Application (SPA) to a Paper Based (PB) Log in a Regional Setting
Author: Dharshana Somirathne
Concurrent CSF Manometry and Subsequent Neuraxial Anaesthesia for a Pregnant Woman Requiring Emergency Caesarean Section, in the Context of a History of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension
Author: Shawn Tan
Cotylodenoid Dissecting Leiomyoma: Scary as it Seems?
Author: Hanani Bahrudin
Does Targeted Clinician Education Improve Accuracy in Postpartum Thromboprophylaxis Prescribing Across All Patient Groups?
Author: Caitlin Kennedy
Dynamics of Surgical Management of Ectopic Pregnancy in a Regional Base Hospital in Sri Lanka: An Audit
Author: Hasitha Gunasingha
Effects of psychosocial work factors on preterm birth: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Author: Haimanot Adane
Elective Lower Uterine Segment Caesarean Section and Bilateral Salpingectomy with Body Mass Index 76 and Two Previous Caesarean Sections Including Classical Uterine Incision
Author: Stephanie Dimitrov-Zeller
Evaluating the Midwifery Group Practice Model of Care
Author: Jeevan Jangam
Exposure to Bushfire Smoke in Pregnancy: A Burning Issue for Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes?
Author: Roberto Orefice
Extremely High Quantitative HCG in Women with Abnormal Uterine Bleeding: A Case Report Outlining to Prompt Suspicion for Gestational Trophoblastic Disease
Author: Carla Pecoraro
Free Floating Cystic Incidentalomas Found During Caesarean Section – A Rare Case Report of Benign Multicystic Peritoneal Mesothelioma
Author: Can Varol
Giant Unruptured Mucocele of the Appendix Diagnosed in Pregnancy
Author: Hilary Goldsmith
Granulomatous Inflammation within a Uterine Leiomyoma
Author: Georgia Lyras Musgrave
Hidden in the history: A Case of Peripartum Fulminant Heart Failure and Cardiac Arrest on a Background of Distant Rheumatic Heart Disease
Author: Georgia Bilski
How Common is Large Volume Multi Fibroid Uterus in a Patient with Turner Syndrome on Hormone Replacement Therapy? – A Rare Case Report
Author: Kuhan Ravi
How do Women Choose Between Vaginal Birth after Caesarean and Elective Repeat Caesarean Section?
Author: Madeeha Dean
How Frequently do we See an Intrauterine Pregnancy with a Levonorgestrel-Releasing Intrauterine Contraceptive Device in situ? A Case Report
Author: Kuhan Ravi
How Good are we at Doing Delayed Cord Clamping in Premature Babies? Compliance with Guidelines and Improvement Following Targeted Strategies.
Author: Litty Abraham
How Safe is Lipiodol Hysterosalpingography?
Author: Jennifer Yang
Implementation of the Versius © Robotic System for Benign Gynaecological Surgery: Proof of Concept
Author: Maeve Gallagher
In the Right Place at the Right Time: A Case of Second Trimester Prelabour Uterine Rupture
Author: Olivia MacPherson
Indigeneity and its Impact on Primary Postpartum Haemorrhage in North Queensland
Author: Hillarie Drever
Induction of Labour for Fetal Macrosomia: An Audit of Practice Consistency with State-Wide Guidelines
Author: Sharon Oommen
Intrauterine Pregnancy with Copper Intrauterine Contraceptive Device in Situ: A Case Report
Author: Hillary Nguyen
Is There A Need For Change in Postpartum Analgesic Prescriptions : Audit Of Trends Of Postnatal Analgesia Requirements And Identifying Areas Of Improvement
Author: Litty Abraham
Lethal Hypoxic Ischaemic Encephalopathy at Term After Transplacental Flecainide Treatment of Fetal Atrial Flutter. Estimating Serious Outcomes other than Hydrops
Author: Elizabeth McCarthy
Managing postnatal VTE risk – a case report and exploration of literature
Author: Jeevan Jangam
Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes Following Implementation of a Multidisciplinary Approach for Managing Patients with Placenta Accreta Spectrum Disorder
Author: Sophie Merriman
Maternal Perspectives on the Impact of Political Instability and Economic Collapse of Country on the Antenatal Period: Results of a Sri Lankan Survey
Author: Hasitha Gunasingha
Medical Management of a Complicated Uterine Arteriovenous Malformation with Successful Fertility Preservation
Author: Curtis Wong
Midurethral sling (Mesh) Procedures for Stress Urinary Incontinence – on the Downward Trend?
Author: Gabrielle Dore
Modifiable Risk Factors in Pregnancy Associated with Adverse Outcomes in a Rural Population: an Application of the Quality Improvement Data Systems (QIDS) database
Author: Gus Ridding
Multiple Primary Spontaneous Pneumothoraces in Pregnancy: Can a Successful Vaginal Delivery be Achieved with Minimal Medical Intervention?
Author: Clayton Lam
Multiple Primary Spontaneous Pneumothoraces in Pregnancy: Can a Successful Vaginal Delivery be Achieved with Minimal Medical Intervention?
Author: Tithi Kulkarni
Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma of the Female Genital Tract: 2 Case Reports
Author: Karshini Ghanesh
Nutcracker Syndrome Complicating Pregnancy
Author: Thangeswaran Rudra
Ogilvie’s Syndrome Following an Emergency Caesarean Section: A Case Report
Author: Kuhan Ravi
OGOSH: Optimising Germ Cell Ovarian Tumour Surveillance Habits in WA
Author: Ayesha Arshad
Ovarian Vascularity in Cases of Suspected Ovarian Torsion
Author: Rhys Harris
Paraurethral Leiomyoma Masquerading as a Periurethral Retention Cyst
Author: Michael Fahy
Parvovirus in Pregnancy – A Diagnostic Dilemma
Author: Zahraa Ahadzada
Pelvic Haematoma Requiring Angioembolisation Following Operative Vaginal Delivery; A Case Study
Author: Emily Fitt
Platelet Storage Pool Deficiency in Pregnancy: An Under Recognised Condition Increasing Risk of Post-partum Haemorrhage
Author: Manju Mukundan
Post Endometrial Ablation, Should Patients be Offered Combined or Oestrogen-Only Hormone Replacement Therapy?
Author: Sarah Whitby
Postpartum Care Following OASIS in a Quaternary Hospital – Are we Doing it Right?
Author: Georgia Bilski
Postpartum Necrotizing Pancreatitis: A Case of Extreme Patient Morbidity
Author: Olivia MacPherson
Pregnancy and Neonatal Outcomes in a Case of Novel Implanted Intracerebroventricular Sodium Valproate Pump Use for a Woman with Longstanding Intractable Epilepsy
Author: Fei Ying Fang
Pregnancy Complicated by Moyamoya Disease: A Case Report
Author: Anchal Agarwal
Pregnancy Intentions and Post-Partum Contraception Planning: Preliminary Data from the Study on Post-Partum Contraception Education (SPPaCE)
Author: Evelyn Smith Romero
Pregnancy-Associated Breast Cancer: A Case Report and Literature Review
Author: Sarah van der Hock
Preterm Severe Preeclampsia with Sudden Onset of Concealed Placental Abruption on a Background of Cervical Cerclage
Author: Shatha Butty
Prevalence and Types of IUD-Related Complications at a Sexual Health Clinic in Western Australia
Author: Tithi Kulkarni
Primary Uterine Rupture due to Irrational Consumption of Labisia Pumilla Water
Author: Luthfi Rahman
Rare Case Report: Pelvic Abscess following a Spontaneous Vaginal Birth
Author: Niranga Gayan
Rate of Exclusive Breastfeeding/Breast Milk Feeding Among Women With Placenta Accreta Spectrum
Author: Clare Bradley
Recurrent Pulmonary Embolism in Pregnancy Leading to Diagnosis of Underlying Connective Tissue Disorder
Author: Hanani Bahrudin
Retrospective Analysis of Ultrasound Parameters as Predictors for Adverse Perinatal Outcome in Pregnancies Complicated by Diabetes
Author: Ben Rane
Risk Factors for Placental Abruption in the 21st Century
Author: Thangeswaran Rudra
Rivaroxaban use in Pregnancy – A Case Report
Author: Gabrielle Dore
Severe Influenza Requiring Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation: Impact of Surgery in the Postpartum Patient
Author: Madeleine Spicer
Significant but Stable Aortic Dissection in the Third Trimester; A Case Study
Author: Joanna Hatzistergos
Subsequent Pregnancy Outcomes When Laparoscopic Transabdominal Cerclage Is Left In-situ
Author: Charlotte Goutallier
Success rates and maternal and neonatal outcomes with attempted vaginal birth after two caesarean sections in a tertiary centre in Western Australia
Author: Meghan Gledhill
Surgical Management of an Undiagnosed Placenta Increta in the Previable Gestation: A Case Report and Literature Review
Author: Rebecca Chou
Surgical Management of Imperforate Hymen in an Adolescent Girl Complicated by Haematometrocolpos and Haematosalpinx with Suspected Pelvic Infection: a Case Report and Literature Review
Author: Prithi Rajiv
Surgical Video Editing by Trainees as an Educational Tool: A Pilot Project
Author: Rhys Harris
The BEAD Feasibility Study: Baby Head Elevation Device at Full Dilatation Caesarean Section
Author: Jordon Wimsett
The Canadian Women’s Health Dashboard: Indicators From Patient and Provider’s Perspectives
Author: Jocelynn Cook
The Challenging Diagnosis and Management of Uterine Caesarean Section Scar Endometriosis in a Regional Setting
Author: Natasha Vasudeva
The Changing Landscape of Minimally Invasive Hysterectomy
Author: Emma-Lee Bourne
The Gynaecologist Removed a Thyroid Cancer. WHAT?!
Author: Amanda Wee
The Inbetweeners. Near to Peer Mentoring for Prevocational Doctors in Obstetrics and Gynaecology: Benefits, Challenges and Longevity of Mentoring Relationships
Author: Amy Fitzgerald
The Period Project: Adolescent and Carer Perception of Dysmenorrhoea in Aotearoa New Zealand
Author: Whitney Rowland
The Role of a Single Serum Progesterone Level in Predicting the Success Rate of Conservative Management in Women with Miscarriage
Author: Rajeswari Kathirvel
The Successful Use of Rituximab, a Monoclonal Antibody, in Pregnancy-Induced Steroid-Refractory Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura: A Case Report
Author: Antony Salib
The Use of Oral Contrast Media in the Management of Adhesive Small Bowel Obstruction in Pregnancy: A Case Report
Author: Amanda Ifejika
The Value of Conducting a Thorough Abdominal Survey During Emergency Laparoscopy for a Suspected Ectopic Pregnancy-A Case Study on Abdominal Ectopic Pregnancy
Author: Georgina Elton
Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura in Pregnancy: A Case Report and Review of the Literature
Author: Brielle Andreatidis
Through Their Eyes: A Qualitative Study on the Lived Experience of Women in Obstetric Emergencies
Author: Michael McKendrick
Thyroid Storm: Hyperemesis and Second Trimester Miscarriage
Author: Melissa Alim
Time to Theatre for Ovarian Torsion: A Retrospective Audit
Author: Rhys Harris
To Salvage or Not to Salvage? A Review of Outcomes following Cell Salvage use at Time of Caesarean Section in a Tertiary Hospital between 2017-2021
Author: Marrwah Ahmadzai
Torsion in Pregnant Patient with a Positive Actim Partus: A Diagnostic Challenge
Author: Aakanksha Desai
Unforeseen Case of Uterine Leiomyosarcoma in a Young Woman Following Miscarriage
Author: Hillary Nguyen
Unusual Case of Streptococcus mitis and Streptococcus milleri Group Chorioamnionitis and Maternal Septicemia
Author: Christina Yang
Use of the Fetal Pillow® at Full Dilatation Caesarean Section is Not Associated with Reduced Neonatal Morbidity: A Retrospective Cohort Study in Aotearoa New Zealand
Author: Lynn Sadler
What Factors Could Lead to the Use of Two Different Methods for IOL?
Author: Thangeswaran Rudra
What factors of an intrapartum caesarean section contribute to the increased risk of preterm birth in subsequent pregnancy?
Author: Yanyan Tjioe