Sustainability at the ASM

RANZCOG is committed to embracing sustainability and environmental responsibility. As we come together to exchange knowledge and shape the future of obstetrics and gynaecology, we are dedicated to minimising our ecological footprint and creating a positive impact on our planet.

RANZCOG’s Strategic Plan highlights a key objective of integrating social and environmental sustainability practices into all aspects of the College’s operations. This objective is a fundamental component of our strategic priority to become a sustainable organisation.

Here are some key sustainability initiatives that we are undertaking at this year’s event:


The PCEC, our chosen venue, is a leader in sustainable practices. From energy-efficient facilities to waste management systems, the venue is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact.


We are implementing comprehensive waste reduction strategies, including recycling stations throughout the conference area. Delegates are encouraged to responsibly dispose of waste and make use of recycling facilities.

This year, RANZCOG has partnered with the following organisations:

  • Perth Homeless Support Group who will accepting unopened hotel toiletries from delegates via a collection box available at the ASM Registration Desk. 
  • Terracycle who will have lanyard collection boxes available onsite for delegates, ensuring that these hard to recycle items do not end up in landfill. 


We are embracing digital solutions to minimize paper usage. Delegates will have access to electronic resources, including program materials and session handouts, reducing the need for printed materials.

  • Printed conference handbooks are not provided.
  • Conference satchels are not provided.
  • Event registration kiosks create an easy check-in while reducing waste.
  • Attendee name badges produced are fully recyclable made with biodegradable tear-away paper.
  • Signage is either recyclable or will be reused at future events.


Our catering partners prioritize sustainability, offering locally sourced and organic food options. We aim to minimize food waste and use eco-friendly packaging and utensils.

The PCEC has partnered with OzHarvest to ensure surplus food is delivered to charities that help feed people in need, instead of ending up in landfill. 

Sponsor & Exhibitor Call to Action

Sponsors and Exhibitors are encouraged to exercise environmental values and practices in their participation.

But sustainability is not just our responsibility as organisers; it is a collective effort. As a delegate, you can contribute to our sustainability goals by:

for Digital

Embrace the digital conference experience by using our event app and accessing program information online. Reduce paper usage and go green!

Bring Your
Reusable Items

Remember to bring your reusable water bottle and coffee cup to minimize the use of single-use plastic containers. Washing stations and hydration stations will be available onsite.


Utilise public transportation or carpool with fellow attendees to reduce carbon emissions. Perth has excellent public transportation options, including buses and trains.

Reduce your
carbon footprint

Opt to offset your travel.  Delegates are encouraged to visit Greenfleet, Australia’s first carbon offset provider, and consider offsetting their carbon emissions. When you offset your emissions with Greenfleet, you are donating to plant legally protected native forests to reduce the impacts of climate change by removing carbon from the atmosphere.

Together, we can create an environmentally conscious and sustainable conference experience at RANZCOG 2023 ASM. Let us unite to shape the future of obstetrics and gynaecology while leaving a positive impact on our planet.

We look forward to welcoming you to the RANZCOG 2023 ASM in Perth!