Breakfast Masterclass 2

RSV Uncovered

Decades after the search started, preventative RSV measures are finally in sight with a focus on safeguarding the most vulnerable, including infants during the earliest months of life. These potential prevention strategies currently under review by the TGA include a maternal vaccine to protect infants and a monoclonal antibody administered directly to them.

In light of this potential transformation in the RSV prevention landscape, this Masterclass will encompass essential elements, including Australian data concerning the burden of disease during pregnancy and in infants as well as its impact on families. We will delve into the role and effectiveness of the transplacental transfer of maternal RSV antibodies and explore the future landscape of prevention, particularly within the realm of perinatal care.

Date and Time

Sunday 29 October Add toCalendar 09.00-15.30

Date and Time

Wednesday 1 November

07.00 – 07.45




Professor Peter Richmond

Dr Andrea Atkinson  

Mrs Katherine Kieran

Professor Peter Richmond

Q&A Facilitated by Dr Scott White