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“Oh My Goodness! She’s got Cancer?​
Author: Stuart Woods
10 years of caesarean scar pregnancies at the Mercy Hospital for Women
Author: Emma McLaughlin
A BHCG of 1.9million: A DCDA twin pregnancy with complete molar pregnancy and co-existing live fetus
Author: Geraldine Herweijer
A case of foetal surveillance in a setting of foetal cardiac rhabdomyomas
Author: Lauren French
A case of postpartum haemorrhage in a patient with a classical Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
Author: Ayesha Rahim
A Case of Postpartum Portal Vein Thrombosis 
Author: Roberta Matters
A Case of Undiagnosed Rheumatic Heart Disease Presenting as Acute Pulmonary Oedema in Pregnancy​
Author: William Stobie
A case report of acute fatty liver of pregnancy
Author: Lucy Holden
A case report of surgical management of ureteral endometriosis with stenosis and hydronephrosis, a third way?
Author: Benita Knox
A case report: Retinal tears during the second stage of labour
Author: Anne Woolfield
A general practitioner contraception appointment. More than just a script
Author: Courtney Donohue
A Prospective Cohort Study to Assess the Association Between Early Pregnancy Bleeding and Poor Pregnancy Outcome in a South-East-Asian Tertiary Hospital​
Author: Sumeera Samarakkody
A rare case and surgical innovation; ​Hereditary leiomyomatosis and renal cell carcinoma
Author: Saman Shafiezadeh
A Rare Case of a Foetal Posterior Mediastinal Lymphangioma Diagnosed Antenatally 
Author: Roberta Matters
A rare case of large fibroid causing bowel obstruction
Author: Jude Kumar
A rare case of ovarian ectopic pregnancy
Author: Ana Montoya
A rare case of ruptured ectopic pregnancy in the ovary
Author: Kawthar Barkat
A retrospective study of caesarean section rates secondary to failure to progress
Author: Nicole Ho
A sac within a sac
Author: Caroline Deodhar
A systematic review and meta-analysis of Blastocyst-stage Embryo Thaw outcomes with and without a Corpus Luteum
Author: Joscelyn Gan
A systematic review of the socio-demographic variables associated with male attitudes towards female genital mutilation (FGM)​
Author: Usama Shahid
A unique complication of pseudomyxoma peritonei: Ovarian torsion
Author: Nicole Rezk
A uterine rupture that led to the development of a culturally relevant patient handout for Aboriginal women considering VBAC
Author: Mark Claydon
Abdominal Wall Endometriosis in Caesarean Scar
Author: Aimee Waegele
Abnormal abdominal and pelvic vasculature in a patient with Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser Syndrome
Author: Rebecca Thompson
Abnormal Uterine Bleeding with Hereditary Coproporphyria – a true treatment dilemma
Author: Yunbo Ni
Abnormally invasive placenta: a 5-year Tertiary Hospital case
Author: Danica Vress
Active pulmonary tuberculosis presenting as a post-menopausal bleeding: A case report
Author: Madeleine Stringer
Acute pancreatitis associated with haemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, and low platelets syndrome
Author: Stephanie Dimitrov-Zeller
An aduit of accuracy of ultrasound prediction in induction for the suspected large for gestational age fetus
Author: Georgina Digance
An Audit of Management of Ectopic Pregnancy in a Major Tertiary Healthcare ServiceDr
Author: Krystle Chong
An audit of post caesarean section infections prior to and after the introduction of a prevention care bundle
Author: Nimani Hettiarachchi
An insidious presentation of acute fatty liver of pregnancy
Author: Jonathan Thomas Buttery
An unexpected case of bilateral ectopic pregnancy from separate menstrual cycles
Author: Madeleine Stringer
An unusal pattern of lesions in a case of metastatic uterine leiomyosarcoma
Author: Lily Xu
An Unusual Cause of Abdominal Pain in Pregnancy
Author: Sonia Kua
Analysis of patient demographics and maternal-fetal outcomes following aeromedical retreival for pregnancy-related complications
Author: Cynthia Wong
Antenatal Cervical Screening – Patients’ Understanding and Perceptions​
Author: Sebastian Leathersich
Antenatal diagnosis of Placenta Accreta Spectrum in a tertiary referral centre
Author: Emily Wilson
Antenatal Intravenous Ferric Carboxymaltose (Ferinject) Safety And Efficacy: A Retrospective Cohort Study​
Author: Travis Bettison
Antenatal telehealth in Covid-19: Provider and patient experience
Author: Monique Hamilton
Antepartum Mastitis: A case series
Author: Evelyn Smith Romero
Antibiotics in Labour at Term: An Audit
Author: Tali Feiglin
Assessing the impact of Lipiodol flush on thyroid function in subfertile women
Author: Jasmin Sekhon
Association between volume of fluid resuscitation in the management of postpartum haemorrhage and maternal morbidity
Author: Anne Woolfield
Association of demographic factors on outcomes of trial of labour after cesarean section: A retrospective study of women delivery in a tertiary centre
Author: Karolina Wicik
Audit of estimated blood loss during delivery and its impact on haemoglobin and anaemia treatments provided to women post-delivery
Author: Nicole Rezk
Audit of Primigravida Caesarean Sections in a Western Australian Tertiary Centre
Author: Junru Gao
Audit: Are We Following the New Cervical Screening Guidelines for Management of Discordant Liquid Based Cytology and Colposcopy Results?
Author: Roberta Matters
Audit: Patient satisfaction rates following midurethral sling procedures
Author: Ashaa Munoz
Auditing response times for category-1 caesareans at a new tertiary service; does a split-level maternity service support timely delivery?
Author: Stephanie Tedesco
Australian Cervical Screening Renewal: Experiences of General Practitioners and Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
Author: Helena Obermair
Bandl’s Ring in a Pregnancy Complicated by Macrosomia and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.
Author: Samuel Billyard
Barriers to salpingectomy for permanent contraception: A qualitative study with Australian Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
Author: Helena Obermair
Beware thhe sudden headache of pre-eclampsia: An unforgettable case report
Author: Philip Chung
Bladder injury following oocyte retrieval in Mullerian Agensis: A case study and literature review
Author: Michelle Van
Business as usual during the COVID-19 pandemic? State-wide trends in maternity care consultations and obstetric ultrasounds during lockdown in VIC and NSW.
Author: Stephanie Potenza
Caesarean rates and posoperative blood loss – a retrospective 5 year review in a rural Victorian maternity unit
Author: Joyce Shuang Xiao
Caesarean section analysis using the Robson classification in two major hospitals in Victoria: an observational study
Author: Ana Montoya
Can we ignore a pregnant person’s snore?
Author: Allegra Boccabella
Candida Glabrata Chorioamnionitis After Pre-term Pre-labour Rupture of Membranes in an IVF Pregnancy.​
Author: Samuel Billyard
Caring for women with female genital mutilation: A case study documenting deinfibulation and postoperative care
Author: Kav Pather
Case Report: Laparoscopic Resection of a Functional Non-Communicating Rudimentary Uterine Horn
Author: Yudhish Shakespeare
Cell-free DNA has potential as a low-invasive diagnostic market for early endometriosis
Author: Anais Alonso
Chorioangioma: A case series of polarised obstetric outcomes
Author: Fleur Muirhead
Author: Thejasvini Muddasani
Chorionic Bump: A Potential Diagnostic Pitfall In First Trimester
Author: Tin Yee Ling
Clinical audit of indications for instrumental deliveries
Author: Cynthia Wong
Clinical outcomes of pregnant women undergoing cervical surveillance with a previous history of cervical intrapithelial neoplasia treatment
Author: Chantelle Yam
Clinician Perceptions of Co-leadership in Maternity Emergencies​
Author: Sarah Janssens
Coexisting complete mole and live fetus in DCDA pregnancy with secondary ovarian hyperstimulation and torsion: A unique situation
Author: Nimani Hettiarachchi
Comparing rates of retained placenta requiring manual removal with and without mifepristone for mid and late trimester terminations of pregnancy
Author: Rebecca Thompson
Comparison of outcomes in second-stage caesarean section with and without a trial of instrumental delivery in theatre
Author: Melanie Chui
Comparison of ultrasound and laparoscopic diagnosis in non-pregnant women with acute abdominal pain
Author: David Novic
Compliance to local and international guidelines in the repair of obstetric anal sphincter injuries
Author: Jude Kumar
Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM): A cost-effective tool to reduce preterm birth rates in women with Type 1 Diabetes
Author: Jasmin Sekhon
Cornual ectopic pregnancy requiring both surgical and medical management
Author: Kah Wai Sam
Correlation of sonographic and histopathological findings in women undergoing surgical management for retained products of conception
Author: Nathasha Wijesiriwardana
COVID-19, a psychosocial stressor in preterm deliveries: A case report
Author: Grace Swain
Cracking the code of Chronic Pelvic Pain: The link between Endometriosis and Bladder Pain Syndrome
Author: James Gaston
Cross sectional study on caesarean delivery for maternal request in a busy metropolitan public hospital in Australia
Author: Kah Wai Sam
Day 1 to Day 4 serum hCG change in predicting single-dose methotrexate treatment failure for tubal ectopic pregnancies
Author: Amy Goh
Deceptively high CA-125 in benign disease
Author: Demi Beneru
Delayed Diagnosis of Non-Sexually Acquired Pelvic Inflammatory Disease ​in a Patient with Severe Endometriosis and Multidisciplinary Approach to Management
Author: Samantha Carr
Delayed splenic rupture following laparoscopy for tubo-ovarian abscess
Author: Rebecca Thompson
Diagnosis and Management of an ovarian ectopic pregnancy
Author: Jonathan Thomas Buttery
Do women with post menopausal bleeding need hysteroscopy dilatation and curettage?
Author: Jinq Mey Loke
Does consultant attendance for a second-stage delivery in theatre make a difference?
Author: Ekaterina Jovic
Does optimising antenatal management of iron stores contribute to decreased rates of blood transfusion post-delivery in patients with placenta accreta?
Author: Nevani Murgan
Author: Michael Duff
Author: Thangeswaran Rudra
Early experience and patient perspectives of immediate post-partum placement of intra-uterine contraceptive devices
Author: Hannah Szewczyk
Ectopic pregnancy 13 days after endometrial ablation with concomitant sterilization
Author: Merve Yilmaz
Effect of an outpatient hysteroscopy service in a category 1 referrals for postmenstrual bleeding
Author: Kav Pather
Effectiveness and safety of outpatient verus inpatient balloon cervical ripening: Findings from a pilot study
Author: Madeleine Jones
Emergency CS for second twin who is at risk?
Author: Archana Nagendiram
Emergency CS for seconf twin – who is at risk?
Author: Archana Nagendiram
Endogenous thrombin potential during pregnancy and its correlation with pregnancy outcomes
Author: Ella Orlowski
Author: Wan Tinn Teh
Endometrial thickness (EMT) in the prediction of neonatal adverse outcomes in frozen cycles for singleton pregnancies
Author: Andrew Kawai
Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain: What predicts the decision to operate and the subsequent presence and stage of Endometriosis?
Author: Isabelle Conroy
Estimation of neonatal body fat percentage by skinfold measurement is a reasonable alternative to PEAPOD to predict neonatal morbidity
Author: Sarah Banting
Experiences in a support group of women with type 1 diabetes in pregnancy​
Author: Sarah Banting
Familial Mediterranean fever in pregnancy: A case study
Author: Evelyn Smith Romero
Fasting Blood Glucose as a Predictor of Medical Management in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus​
Author: Stephanie Zhu
Fetal abdominal cyst: Challenges in prenatal diagnosis
Author: Josie Wright
Fetal death associated with fundal uterine rupture in a non-labouring primiparous patient: a case report
Author: Dimity Archer
Fetal heart rate patterns during sleep
Author: Hannah Skrzypek
Fetal supraventricular tachycardia: ​A case report on the challenges of management
Author: Aalya Imran
Follow-up of medical management for miscarriage in King Edward Memorial Hospital via delayed ultrasound scanning
Author: Rhys Bellinge
GDM screening in practices in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in a metropolitan setting
Author: Shannon Twomey
Gestational choriocarcinoma diagnosed in a well 36 year old being investigated for ‘pregnancy of unknown location’
Author: Holly Richter
Gestational diabetes: COVID-19 criteria limiting OGTT testing – are we missing out?
Author: Frances Wong
Hamman Syndrome: A rare cause for acute facial and neck swelling in the second stage of labour
Author: Anna Walch
Hamman’s syndrome in a postpartum patient
Author: Alanna Krisanaleela
Hemi uterus: A case study documenting laparoscopic removal of the non-communicating horn followed by sucessful term pregnancy
Author: Kav Pather
High Grade Endometrial Cancer Diagnosed 6 weeks Post Term Vaginal Delivery
Author: Zoe Laing-aiken
Home births and clinical intervention, is there a happy medium? A case report
Author: Grace Swain
How long do we administer syntocinon before calling it a failed induction?
Author: Jillian Leong
Hyperpigmentation in HELLP Syndrome: A Diagnostic Dilemma.​
Author: Travis Bettison
Hysterectomy in a 33 year old nulligravida woman with grade IV endometriosis, infertility and Mullerian anomaly: A case report
Author: Katherine Whitton
Hysteroscopic resection of a large intramural uterine fibroid following uterine artery embolization in a young pre-menopausal woman: A case report
Author: Rebecca Everist
Hysteroscopic resection of a uterine tumour resembling ovarian sex-cord tumour with Myosure for fertility preservation: A case report and literature review
Author: Naomi Smith
Identification of risk factors and development of a first trimester prediction model for preterm prelabour rupture of membranes
Author: Vanessa El-Achi
Impact of change in the National Cervical Screen Program on Colposcopy referrals to a Metropolitan Hospital 2017-2020
Author: Minu Basra
Impact of in – vs out of hours delivery on preterm neonatal outcomes
Author: Georgia Walter
Implementation of Transvaginal Ultrasound Screening during routine foetal anatomy scans between 18-24 weeks and the detection of decreased cervical length​
Author: Sumanth Dakshina Murthy
Improvement in gynaecology clinical indicators following introduction of a formalised audit process in a regional unit
Author: Cheryl Yim
Incidence of Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injuries: Clinical audit of two major Victorian hospitals
Author: Ana Montoya
Index of deprivation decile and ethnicity are strong predictors of limited antenatal care and could be used to identify at-risk patients
Author: Amy Burrows
Infection following caesarean section at Broome Health Campus
Author: Charlotte Moss
Initial experiences of a tertiary hospital with indocyanine green for sentinel lymph node mapping in endometrial cancer and atypical hyperplasia
Author: Peta Mckay
Instagram and the Contraceptive Implant: A social media content analysis
Author: Monique Hamilton
Internal Carotid Artery Dissection In A Pregnancy Complicated By Fulminating Pre-Eclampsia.​
Author: Samuel Billyard
Intraoperative Blood Loss at Caesarean Section: The impact of predelivery anaemia
Author: Ashlee Koch
Introducing ERAS to a large regional hospital: Phase 1
Author: Kate Smith
Ipswich General Hospital: Caesarean Section decision to delivery interval audit
Author: Jonathan Thomas Buttery
Is the rate of vaginal birth inversely proportional to body mass index in pregnancy
Author: Jithendri Weerasingha
Is there a difference in patient satisfaction with expectant, medical or surgical management of miscarriage?
Author: Jessie Cox
Is type and screen testing justified as a pre-operative investigation for benign hysterectomies?
Author: James Stacey
Kleihaeur test in the context of reduced foetal movements
Author: Allegra Boccabella
Knowledge of pap smear test and visual inspection with acetic acid in cervical cancer patients in Manado
Author: Eric Ng
Laparoscopic hysterectomy for the treatment of essure-attributed symptoms
Author: Nicole Lancaster
Laparoscopic management of a ruptured interstitial ectopic pregnancy: Is it conventional?
Author: Edward Ek Meng Liew
Large ovarian mass that can mimic a malignancy
Author: Christine Wu
Large Paravaginal Haematoma: An Occult Cause of Postpartum Haemorrhage​
Author: William Stobie
Lipomyelomeningocele: Antenatal diagnosis of closed spina bifida
Author: Josie Wright
Listeria monocytogenes: Diagnosis and Management
Author: Sujinyaa Sriskandan
Long acting reversible contraception recommendation rates at a sexual health clinic​
Author: Stephanie Dimitrov-Zeller
Lynch Syndrome Associated Endometrial Carcinomas in Western Australia: Analysis of Four Years of Universal Screening by Mismatch Repair Protein Immunohistochemistry
Author: Surabhi Gupta
Management of a caesarean scar ectopic – A case report from Alice Springs
Author: Mark Claydon
Management of a caesarean scar ectopic pregnancy in a regional Queensland setting
Author: Laura Rogalski
Management of ectopic pregnancy during the early phase of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic in rural Australia
Author: Charlotte Moss
Management of pregnancy in a patient with a ventriculoperitoneal shunt for congenital hydrocephalus: A case report
Author: Gajana Jeyaram
Management of the incidental adnexal mass at emergency caesarean section: An asymptomatic struma ovarii
Author: Rachel Wilkinson
Managing placenta accreta spectrum disorders in a stand-alone tertiary institution
Author: Preethi Nagubandi
Massive postpartum haemorrhage at caesarean section with a closed cervix – A review of techniques to deploy a Bakri Balloon
Author: Christopher Polchleb
Maternal and fetal outcomes following induction of labour for suspected large-for-gestatinal age or fetal macrosomia
Author: Cynthia Wong
Maternal Collapse in COVID-19: A rare case of uterine torsion, placental abruption and fetal death in utero in third trimester
Author: James Trotta
Maternal Fetal Medicine – Auckland wait times for Tauranga patients
Author: Hannah Pitman-Bell
Mentoring Junior O&G Doctors during the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Case for Virtual Mentoring
Author: Amy Fitzgerald
Mode of delivery with successful external cephalic version: A case control study
Author: Madeleine Stringer
Monitored Ovulation Induction Through A Public ​Hospital; Outcomes and Challenges​
Author: Sylvia Ross
Monochorionic monoamniotic twin pregnancy discordant for a myelomeningocele – a management dilemma​
Author: Albert Vu
Mortality benefit of prophylactic oophorectomy at a time of initial surgery for primary colorectal carcinoma in women: A systematic review
Author: Jo Levis
New-onset refractory status epilepticus in pregnancy: A case report and review of the literature surrounding management
Author: Emily Wilson
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma of the female genital tract: A diagnostic challenge of a pelvic mass
Author: Kimberley Rodger
Normal birth after caesarean section, trends at a tertiary obstetric hospital 10 years after the introduction of dedicated clinic
Author: Kusam Nagi
Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injury and Implementation of the WHA perineal care bundle at a secondary hospital
Author: Anna Walch
Obstetric vesico-vaginal fistulas: midvaginal and juxtacervical fistula repair outcomes in the Democratic Republic of Congo .pptx
Author: Usama Shahid
OGTT Bias? Short suffer, tall triumph
Author: Lucy Holden
Optimizing Endometrial Receptivity in IVF – ​A Qualitative Survey Study​
Author: Violet Kieu
ORNITINE TRANSCARBAMYLASE DEFICIENCY- a case well managed through proper planning and multidisciplinary approach ​
Author: Zahra Azeem
Outcomes of expectant, medical and surgical management of pregnancy of unknown location: Experience of a single tertiary centre
Author: Caitya Shakespeare
Outcomes of monochorionic diamniotic twins affected by selective fetal growth restriction over 10 years in a tertiary hospital​
Author: Sonia Kua
Outcomes of planned VBAC and when VBACs fail
Author: Christine Wu
Outpatient Hysteroscopy – The patient experience
Author: Chloe Goulios
Ovarian steroid cell tumour: In search of a rare cause of hyperandrogenism despite uncertainty and surgical risk
Author: Rachel Wilkinson
Patient perceptions of informed consent and agency during intrapartum consent for caesarean section​
Author: Sebastian Leathersich
Patient satisfaction with Telehealth in antenatal care during the Covid-19 pandemic
Author: Benjamin Stokes
Perils & Pitfalls of Bilateral Salpingectomy at Caesarean Section
Author: Amanda Wee
Perineal fibroadenoma masquerading as sarcoma: A case report
Author: Gabriella Wende
Perineal wound dehiscence audit
Author: Emma Wilson
Period Pains and Epipens: a rare case of catamenial anaphylaxis​
Author: Tarini Paul
Peripartum splenic rupture: A rare cause of post-caesarean haemoperitoneum
Author: Leah Mayne
Persistent pelvic pain in women – Burden on Regional Queensland Healthcare Services
Author: Max Lau
POI in Adolescents
Author: Alicia Veasey
Polydipsia in pregnancy: A prodromal feature of acute fatty liver in pregnancy
Author: Geraldine Herweijer
Population-based Analysis of Atypical Chromosomal Abnormalities According to Nuchal Translucency Measurement: An Individual Record Linkage Study of 81,244 Women.
Author: Lisa Hui
Positive predictive value of noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) in 2019: a population-based study of expanded NIPT in Victoria
Author: Lisa Hui
Post Menopausal Bleeding Clinic: The One Stop Shop​
Author: Simon Scheck
Post-partum diagnosis of Stage IV cervical adenocarcinoma
Author: Amanda Wee
Postmenopausal adnexal mass. A case of a diagnostic rollercoaster
Author: Fleur Muirhead
Postmenopausal spontaneous uterine perforation as a cause of pneumoperitoneum: A case report and literature review
Author: Kate Landau
Postnatal Oxytocin Improves Survival and Long-term Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in an Animal Model of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome​
Author: Simon Arnold
Postpartum female with antiphospholipid synfrome presenting with acute chest pain. Is it myocardial infarction or pulmonary embolism?
Author: Pragati Sharma
Postpartum haemorrhage management with the introduction of routine tranexamic acid. Has practice changed since the World Maternal Antifibrinolytic (WOMAN) trial? ​
Author: Tess Kelly
Postpartum Ogilvie’s Syndrome – A case report
Author: Chloe Higgins
Pre operative blood screening protocol in major gynaecological surgery – A pilot study
Author: Drew Moir
Predicting caesarean section risk following induction of labour: a pooled analysis of PROBAAT trials
Author: Diane Quach
Pregnancy following radical trachelectomy with a surprisingly spontaneous outcome
Author: Philip Chung
Pregnancy luteoma mimicking a malignant ovarian mass
Author: Mauli Jhala
Pregnancy-Related Abdominal Wall Neuropathy (PRAWN). A common and treatable cause of pain in pregnancy. A case series.
Author: Shannon Halpin
Preterm birth rates after cervical excision managed with ultrasound cervical length surveillance vs cervical cerclage
Author: Khin Thinn Nwe
Prevalence and management of hepatitis B infection in ​pregnancy at Northern Health: a clinical audit
Author: Thalia Ash
Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP) – Should obstetrician be concerned?
Author: Pui Lam Kwan
Psychotic denial of pregnancy
Author: Priya Rajaendran
Quality indicators for endometrial cancer treatment in MidCentral DHB
Author: Anne Yu
Rare and unusual birth trauma; A case of an extensive buttonhole tear​
Author: Rossouw van der Walt
Rate of elective caesarean section prior to 39 weeks gestation – a retrospective clinical audit at a single centre
Author: Rebecca Olivo
Rates of Maori women receiving surgical treatment for urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse
Author: Riki Anderson
Reduced fetal movements: Do care pathways improve patient flow during emergency presentation?
Author: Matthew Mcknoulty
Reducing the risk of Healthcare Worker infection and service interruption by rostering for ‘Isolated Teams’ during the COVID-19 Pandemic​
Author: Simon Arnold
Retained products of contraception following caesareans as a cause of secondary postpartum haemorrhage
Author: Anushka Kothari
Retrospective audit of clinical care provided and patient outcomes for women referred to Gynaecology clinic with postmenopausal bleeding
Author: Leah Grace
Retrospective Audit of Instrumental Vaginal Delivery in a Busy Level 3 Obstetric Unit
Author: Aoife Seery
Retrospective audit of the management of ovarian torsion in a Tertiary Hospital over a decade
Author: Qian Soh
Retrospective five year follow up study of cervical smear-biopsy mismatch
Author: Simon Scheck
Review of stillbirths at a tertiary hospital over a six year priod
Author: Joanna Hatzistergos
Risk factoors for presentation with late stage endometrial cancer in the lower North Island, New Zealand
Author: Merrin Rutherford
Risk factors for perinatal mortality associated with spontaneous preterm birth at a large tertiary hospital in New Zealand: a case control study
Author: Anna Mcinnes
Robotic versus Laparoscopic Hysterectomy in Morbidly Obese Women with Endometrial Cancer​
Author: Vanessa El-Achi
Role of endometrial TB-PCR to detect genital tuberculosis in infertile women
Author: Deepthi Bankiti
Routine use of tranexamic acid in women with postpartum haemorrhage was not associated with an increase in maternal morbidity​
Author: Tess Kelly
Ruptured fetal ovarian cyst in utero
Author: Megan Chatfield
Safe manageement of placental adhesive disorders in regional Australia during COVID-19
Author: Leanne Boyd
Secondary postpartum haemorrhage: Who is at risk?
Author: Anushka Kothari
Serum urate in PET Delivery​ – A friend or furphy? ​
Author: Tom Paxton-hall
Severe early-onset preeclampsia associated with autoimmune hypothyroidism
Author: Naomi Atkinson
Severe ventriculomegaly; A diagnostic and prognostic conundrum
Author: Asha Thalisha Bala Krishnan
Sexual Function In Reproductive-Aged Women Following Radiotherapy: A Cross Sectional Study​
Author: Shimona Lai
Sexual masochism disorder – two colostomies too many
Author: Dhusyanthy Kanagaretnam
Short-term postpartum blood pressure management and long-term blood pressure control: A randomised controlled trial
Author: Rachael Fox
Should we look for a low-grade threshold for blastocyst transfer?
Author: James Kemper
Single site audit of effectiveness of Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy in Endometrial Cancer in Gynaecological Oncology Practice
Author: Samantha Monteiro
Smooth muscle tumour of uncertain potential manifesting as Bartholin Cyst
Author: Andrew Shen
Snapshot of a small but important service: Second Trimester abortion in New Zealand
Author: Anna Hudspith
Spontaneous ureteric rupture in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy: A case report
Author: Bethany Smith
Steroid Cell Tumours Not Otherwise Specified – A Review of A Rare Condition​
Author: Yunbo Ni
Suicidal ideation in pregnancy; A case of preterm induction of labour for psychosocial reasons​
Author: Rossouw van der Walt
Super obesity in pregnancy is a super big problem: Outcomes of maternal super obesity
Author: James Henshaw
Supralevator haematoma following spontaneous vaginal delivery
Author: Gabriella Wende
Surgical management of caesarean scar ectopic pregnancies: A case series
Author: Josipa Petric
Surgical management of miscarriage: A quality improvement project in a tertiary hospital to improve patient experiences through tragic times
Author: Phil McClenahan
Surgical site infection requiring hospitalisation remained unchanged with introduction of a prophylactic incisional negative pressure wound therapy guideline in a high-risk population ​
Author: Sam Holford
Surgical Start Time and Complications in Gynaecological Surgery
Author: Hillary Hu
SUSAC Syndrome- An under reported and misdiagnosed condition that needs greater awareness for adequate management.​
Author: Zahra Azeem
Symptomatic Paratubal Cyst mimicking an ovarian cyst torsion
Author: Kitty Gayed
Systematic review: Therapies to prevent preterm prelabour rupture of membranes
Author: Vanessa El-Achi
The acute medical management of a late diagnosis of Fetal Atrial Flutter
Author: Sumanth Dakshina Murthy
The birth of a girl with 47 XXX – the love journey of a baby girl
Author: Yunbo Ni
The impact of age and parity on regret following hysterectomy for benign disease
Author: Charlotte Reddington
The Impact of Hysterectomy on the Rate of Complications After Surgery for Pelvic Organ Prolapse: Experience of a Single Surgeon​
Author: Yudhish Shakespeare
The Outcomes of Cervical Cerclage in New Zealand (NZ) European and NZ Maori Women over a 14 Year Period in a NZ Tertiary Care Centre​
Author: Shannon Halpin
The post-op review as an opportunity to intervene for postnatal depression following caesarean
Author: Richard Carpenter
The role of prophylactic antibiotics in subcutaneous emphysema in nulliparous labour: A case report
Author: Grace Swain
The Twist – Adnexal Torsion
Author: Albert Vu
The use and misue of fetal fibronection testing: A retrospective audit
Author: Jessica Wagstaff
Three of a Kind: Fertility, Family Planning and Breast Cancer
Author: Tali Feiglin
Thromboembolism in pregnancy: Assessing and managing the risk
Author: Kate Landau
Total laparoscopic hysterectomy in a woman with uterine didelphys, longitudinal vaginal septum and grade IV endometriosis: A case report
Author: Katherine Whitton
Training for an undertaking gynaecological surgery in Australia: A comprehensive analysis of Australian Institute Health and Welfare (AIHW)and Medicare Data
Author: Lalla Mccormack
Transient Leukaemia of Down Syndrome
Author: Aimee Woods
Tubal Stump Ectopic Pregnancy
Author: Alexia Matheson
Tubo-ovarian abscesses: An important consideration in midlife health
Author: Nathasha Wijesiriwardana
Twin anaemia polycythaemia sequence in dichorionic diamniotic twins
Author: Dhusyanthy Kanagaretnam
Two cases of Hamman’s syndrome with follow through to subsequent deliveries
Author: Mark Claydon
Two uterine scars and a vaginal birth
Author: Christine Wu
Untwist – Adnexal Torsion
Author: Albert Vu
Ureteric Injury at Hysterectomy: a Retrospective Review of Patient and Operative Factors that may contribute to risk​
Author: Samantha Sloss
Author: Tessita Pritchard
Uterine Arteriovenous Malformations
Author: Amanda Wee
Uterine Incarceration and Placenta Increta following previous Uterine Surgery: A case report
Author: Leah Mayne
Uterine Rupture Secondary to Degenerating Fibroids in Pregnancy
Author: Janani Nanthakumar
Uterine Vascular Malformations​
Author: Sadunee Jayasuriya
What Effect Does Maternal COVID-19 Infection in the 1st Trimester Have on Fetal Lung Development?​
Author: Samantha Carr
Why are Classical Caesarean Sections increasing and is modern obstetrics the cause?
Author: Allegra Boccabella
Why don’t Obstetricians ask?: A systematic review to identify the barriers to screening or asking about IPV in the antenatal outpatient setting.
Author: Corrine Lu
Author: Kirsten Palmer
Xanthogranulomatous endometritis: A rare histophathological finding
Author: Kate Burston
Yao syndrome in pregnancy
Author: Rohadarshine Mahenthiran
Young people’s views on chalmydia testing
Author: Madeleine Stringer
Zooming in to an online interview Training Program
Author: Preethi Nagubandi