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100 Complications – Prolapse and Incontinence Surgery
ePoster Number: 36
Author: Harvey Ward
293 Mid Urethral Slings – Audit Single Surgeon Series
ePoster Number: 177
Author: Harvey Ward
A Case of Uterine Carcinosarcoma
ePoster Number: 122
Author: Drishti Madhok
A Case Report Involving an Incidentally Diagnosed Massive Placental Chorangioma: Leading to Intrauterine Growth Restriction, Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes in a Primigravida
ePoster Number: 78
Author: Daniel Garcia
A Case Report of a Successful Pregnancy in a Woman with Wilson’s Disease on Zinc Sulphate
ePoster Number: 83
Author: Punsiri Gunathilaka
A Case Report of Atypical Mucinous Glandular Proliferation
ePoster Number: 88
Author: Natasha Hill
A Case Report of Peripartum Cardiomyopathy Masked by the Preexisting Bronchial Asthma
ePoster Number: 82
Author: Punsiri Gunathilaka
A Case Report on Persistent Elevated Beta-Hcg Resistant to Methotrexate Treatment
ePoster Number: 110
Author: Qin Ying Lee
A Case Series Of Eight Vaginal Septae In Tasmania Between 2016 And 2018
ePoster Number: 43
Author: Dimity Archer
A Clinical Audit of Combined First Trimester Screening and Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing Offered to Pregnant Women in a Regional Australian Hospital
ePoster Number: 40
Author: Orit Abdalla
A Comparison of Perinatal Outcomes between Older and Younger Primiparous Women at a Tertiary Hospital
ePoster Number: 117
Author: Johnny Lo
A Hypertensive Crisis in a Latent Ruptured Chronic Ectopic Pregnancy
ePoster Number: 59
Author: Lucy Brodnik
A New Model of Affordable Full Service Private Obstetric Care
ePoster Number: 16
Author: Tal Jacobson
A Rare Case of Ovarian Mixed Germ Cell Tumour with Polyembryoma, Yolk Sac and Mature Teratoma Components
ePoster Number: 90
Author: Joanna Ho
A Rare Case of Ovarian Teratoma- Associated Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis
ePoster Number: 172
Author: Alicia Veasey
A Retrospective Review of Pelvic Pain Referrals, Laparoscopy Rates and Outcomes of a New Adolescent Gynaecology Clinic at a Tertiary Centre
ePoster Number: 126
Author: Jade McLellan
A Severe Case of Hyperemesis Gravidarum Complicated by Altered Gastrointestinal Motility and Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
ePoster Number: 107
Author: David Krones
A Unique Method of Uterine Extraction at Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
ePoster Number: 123
Author: Alison McDougall
A Weighty Problem….. The Association between Body Mass Index and Emergency Caesarean Delivery
ePoster Number: 79
Author: Amy Gavin
Acute Gynaecological Emergencies – Trends and Analyses
ePoster Number: 32
Author: Sujinyaa Sriskandan
Adnexal Torsion: Are We Identifying and Saving at Risk Ovaries?
ePoster Number: 161
Author: Hannah Sylvester
Adolescent Dysmenorrhoea into Adulthood: Predictors and Outcomes
ePoster Number: 19
Author: Benita Knox
Adolescent Labial Hair Tourniquet
ePoster Number: 143
Author: Emily Roman
Adoption, Benefits and Outcomes of 100 Consecutive Cases for Management of Complex, Benign Pelvic Pathologies Using the Da Vinci Xi Robotic System
ePoster Number: 156
Author: Svetlana Starodubtseva
An Abnormally Invasive Placenta Complicating a Mid Trimester Abortion; A Case Report
ePoster Number: 72
Author: Jessica De Bortoli
An Analysis of the Perinatal Outcomes in Multiparous Women with Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy – A Comparison of Recurrent and New-Onset Disease
ePoster Number: 24
Author: Johnny Lo
An Audit of Instrumental Vaginal Delivery and Maternal/Neonatal Outcomes
ePoster Number: 151
Author: Mina Selim
An Intrauterine Pregnancy in Disguise: A Case Study
ePoster Number: 166
Author: Justine Toh
An Unexpected Case of Fetal Anemia
ePoster Number: 120
Author: Drishti Madhok
An Unusual Case of Liver Disease in Pregnancy
ePoster Number: 155
Author: Siva Prema Siva
An Unusual Case Of Unilateral Absent Infundibulopelvic Ligament
ePoster Number: 92
Author: Xin Yi Ho
Antenatal Corticosteroids in Preterm Small-For-Gestational-Age Infants: What Is the Evidence?
ePoster Number: 164
Author: Clare Thiele
Antenatal Management of Very Preterm Birth at a Tertiary Maternity Hospital: An Audit of Compliance with State Guidelines
ePoster Number: 135
Author: Morgan Pettman
Are the Risks of OASIS Similar in Women Undergoing VBAC to Primiparous Women Undergoing Vaginal Delivery?
ePoster Number: 175
Author: Chuan Wang
Assessing the Utility of 3D Printed Models of Müllerian Tract Anomalies for Clinical Education
ePoster Number: 85
Author: Rose Hadden
Atrial Myxoma in Advanced Pregnancy
ePoster Number: 184
Author: Emma Wilson
Axillary Traction – An Effective First Internal Manoeuvre to Overcome Shoulder Dystocia
ePoster Number: 42
Author: Lesley Ansell
Birth Outcomes of Women Attempting Vaginal Birth after Caesarean Section (VBAC) at a Tertiary Maternity Hospital in Queensland
ePoster Number: 174
Author: Chuan Wang
Cancer Risk Reduction at Hysterectomy by Salpingectomy and / or Oophorectomy, an Audit of Missed Opportunities
ePoster Number: 114
Author: Alexander Lindgren
Case of a Duplicated Ureter: An Important Reminder of a Surgically Significant Anatomical Variant
ePoster Number: 105
Author: Benita Knox
Case Report of Indirect Inguinal Herniation of Ovary in a Healthy Adult and Literature Review
ePoster Number: 48
Author: Harold Baxter
Case Report: A Rare Case of a Complete Hydatiform Mole and Surviving Twin Pregnancy
ePoster Number: 80
Author: Amy Gavin
Case Study: Establishing Continuing Professional Development Practices in Women’s Healthcare Abroad – Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics ALSO Global in Russia
ePoster Number: 195
Author: Tatiana Zandanova
Cervical Cancer in the Solomon Islands: A Cross-Sectional Study of Women Presenting to the National Referral Hospital, Honiara
ePoster Number: 25
Author: Rebecca Mitchell
Changes in the Incidence and Uptake of Reproductive Surgery Versus in Vitro Fertilization in Australia between 2001 and 2015: A Population-Based Study
ePoster Number: 77
Author: Leon Foster
Characteristics of Ovarian Torsion in Women and Children
ePoster Number: 163
Author: Claire Templeman
Code Caesarean: An Analysis of Outcomes from a Level One, Tertiary Rural Centre
ePoster Number: 162
Author: Michael Tanner
Collaborating for Improved Women’s Health: The Solomon Islands Standard Treatment Manual for Obstetrics & Gynaecology
ePoster Number: 128
Author: Rebecca Mitchell
Comparison of the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test and HbA1C as a Diagnostic Screening Tool for Gestational Diabetes
ePoster Number: 189
Author: Neoma Withanawasam
Concordance of Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Final Diagnosis in Müllerian Tract Anomalies: a Fifteen-Year Study between March 2003 and June 2017 from An Australian Quaternary Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology Centre
ePoster Number: 3
Author: Emma Borg
Cost Comparison of Carbetocin Compared to Oxytocin as Primary Postpartum Haemorrhage (PPH) Prophylaxis at Caesarean Section
ePoster Number: 190
Author: Jemma Wohling
Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis with Vaginal Pain
ePoster Number: 67
Author: Samuel Cresser
Determination of Fetal Fat Distribution in Pregnancy and its Correlation with Maternal Subcutaneous Fat and BMI
ePoster Number: 70
Author: Amy Daly
Diabetes in Pregnancy: A Retrospective Audit on the Efficacy of Managing Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) Post Implementation of the Diabetes Antenatal Care and Education (DANCE) Clinic in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Northern Adelaide
ePoster Number: 167
Author: Wuen Lynn Toh
Do Cervical Ripening Balloons Increase the Risk of Preterm Birth?
ePoster Number: 149
Author: Margaret-Louise Scanlon
Does Maternal Serum C-Reactive Protein (CRP) Predict Histological Severity of Fetal Inflammation in Preterm Prelabour Rupture of Membranes (PPROM)?
ePoster Number: 28
Author: Melinda Pattanasri
Does Preterm Birth Affect Fathers? Findings from a Longitudinal Study
ePoster Number: 139
Author: Julie Quinlivan
Does the Diagnosis of Vascular Retained Products of Conception Ultimately Necessitate Surgical Management?
ePoster Number: 35
Author: Madelyn Van Der Leeden
Early Glucose Tolerance Tests with Recently Modified Adips Criteria: Is It Doing More Harm Than Good for Women with Gestational Diabetes?
ePoster Number: 31
Author: Amanda Quattrocelli
Early Onset of Pre-eclampsia in a Partial Molar Pregnancy with Live Foetus: A Case Report
ePoster Number: 61
Author: Alexandra Casanova Clarke
Ectopic Pregnancy – Are We Underutilising Medical Management?
ePoster Number: 115
Author: Rachel Lines
Effect of Body Mass Index on Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Outcomes for Benign Conditions: A Single-Centre Retrospective Study
ePoster Number: 165
Author: Clare Thiele
Effect of the First Laparoscopy in An Adolescent and Young Adult Population and its Association with Chronic Pelvic Pain – A Retrospective Audit
ePoster Number: 140
Author: Kavita Ravendran
epAntidepressant use in Pregnancy: A Survey of Victorian General Practitioner’s Practices and Perspectives
ePoster Number: 171
Author: Rossouw Van Der Walt
Epidural and Sacral Neuromodulation for Visceral Hyperalgesia – A Case Series
ePoster Number: 63
Author: Karen Chan
Evaluating the Usability of a New U-Shaped Measuring Tool for Mediolateral Episiotomy: A Mixed Methods Study
ePoster Number: 170
Author: Brittany Van Der Lugt
Evaluation of Psychotropic Medications and the Incidence of Post-Partum Haemorrhage (PPH)
ePoster Number: 94
Author: Jade Hollingworth
Expect the Unexpected – Spontaneous Haemoperitoneum from a Uterine Fibroid
ePoster Number: 179
Author: Karolina Wicik
Extreme Insulin Resistance in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Following Administration of Antenatal Corticosteroids; A Case Report
ePoster Number: 182
Author: Emily Wilson
Factors Associated with In-Hospital Formula Supplementation in Healthy Term Infants
ePoster Number: 1
Author: Zahrah Ali
Factors Influencing Induction of Labour Success in Nulliparous Women
ePoster Number: 14
Author: Hilary Grover
Fertility Preservation for Serous Borderline Ovarian Tumour
ePoster Number: 38
Author: Kieren Wilson
Fetal Atrial Flutter in a Term Antenate
ePoster Number: 75
Author: Byron Field
How Documentation Can Change the World: Auditing a Proforma to Improve Induction of Labour
ePoster Number: 65
Author: Anna Clare
How Safe Is Outpatient Management of Major Placenta Praevia near Term?
ePoster Number: 17
Author: Lulusha Jayawardena
Hysterectomy – To What Are Our Trainee’s Exposed?
ePoster Number: 134
Author: Tom Paxton-Hall
Identical Twins presenting with Identical Ovarian Neoplasm
Author: Chit Chong Khong
If They Don;t Ask; I Won;t Tell: Perinatal Mental Health Screening for Women of Refugee Background
ePoster Number: 4
Author: Jacqueline Boyle
Impact of an Updated Medical Management Protocol Using Misoprostol for Missed Miscarriage on Success and Complication Rates
ePoster Number: 57
Author: Kirsten Black
Impact of the Contraceptive Implant on Maternal and Neonatal Morbidity and Mortality in Rural Papua New Guinea: A Retrospective Observational Cohort Study
ePoster Number: 56
Author: Kirsten Black
Implementation of Formal Mental Health Screening Using iCOPE in a Private Obstetric Group Practice
ePoster Number: 9
Author: Philippa Costley
Implementation of the Safety, Action, Feedback, Evaluation and Reporting Maternity Program (SAFER Maternity) to Improve Safety and Quality
ePoster Number: 33
Author: Glyn Teale
Improve the Detection and Management of Severe Fetal Growth Restriction (FGR) in Victoria
ePoster Number: 152
Author: Roshan Selvaratnam
Infective Endocarditis: A Rare Cause of Post Partum Fever
ePoster Number: 148
Author: Margaret-Louise Scanlon
Inguinal Endometriosis; Diagnostic Considerations & Management
ePoster Number: 193
Author: Michelle Yu
Innovative Approaches to Ensuring Best Practice in Perinatal Mental Health
ePoster Number: 87
Author: Nicole Highet
Interpregnancy Intervals Less Than 12 Months: Advice Given, Contraception Used and Notions of Ideal Timing
ePoster Number: 53
Author: Kirsten Black
Interstitial Ectopic Pregnancy: A Case Report
ePoster Number: 130
Author: Rebecca Nash
Intra-Uterine Foetal Death Secondary to Placental Abruption, Complicated by Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation
ePoster Number: 45
Author: Rashmi Balaram
Intrapartum Spontaneous Pneumomediastinum
ePoster Number: 121
Author: Drishti Madhok
Is Lower Segment Superior to Classical CS for Extreme Premarurity?
ePoster Number: 144
Author: Thangeswaran Rudra
Is There An Effective and Safe Option for Management of Interstitial Ectopics Other Than Cornual Wedge Resection? A Case Series of Interstitial Ectopics at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Adelaide
ePoster Number: 116
Author: Sarah Linthwaite
Knowledge of Postpartum Danger Signs and Planning for Obstetric Emergencies during Pregnancy, Delivery and Postnatally among Women in East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea
ePoster Number: 181
Author: Alyce Wilson
Left Middle Cerebral Artery Ischaemic Stroke, Pre-Eclampsia and Pre Term Labour at 33 Weeks: A Case Report
ePoster Number: 68
Author: Danielle Crosby
LLETZ during Lactation Causing Cervical Stenosis and Haematometra
ePoster Number: 150
Author: Simon Scheck
Malpresentation and Induction of Labour
ePoster Number: 129
Author: Kusam Nagi
Management and Perinatal Outcomes of Women with Breech Presentation in Late Pregnancy at a Tertiary Maternity Hospital: A Retrospective Audit
ePoster Number: 15
Author: Alice Hiscock
Maternal and Perinatal Outcome Following Hellp Syndrome
ePoster Number: 146
Author: Thangeswaran Rudra
Maternal BMI and Obstetric Outcomes at the Northern Hospital 2011-2016
ePoster Number: 30
Author: Miss Anita Pratt
Maternal Demographic and Intrapartum Antecedents of Severe Neonatal Outcomes at Term
ePoster Number: 137
Author: Yiwen Poh
Medical Student Experiences of Gynaecological Teaching Aids Kings College London UK
ePoster Number: 187
Author: Kieren Wilson
Metastatic Melanoma Presenting with Endometrial Metastasis: A Case Report
ePoster Number: 47
Author: Cecilia Bartley
Metastatic Neuroendocrine Tumour Mimicking Endometriosis Highlights the Importance of Excision for Tissue Diagnosis: A Case Report
ePoster Number: 192
Author: Shian-Li Wong
Miscarriage Management in Early Pregnancy Assessment Centre (EPAC) Care in a Specialist Women’s Hospital 2017: Benchmarking Current Practice and Research Readiness
ePoster Number: 132
Author: Megan Overdevest
New Colposcopy Referrals to a Tertiary Hospital on the Gold Coast Based on HPV Subtype and Eligibility for HPV Vaccination Following the Introduction of the Cervical Screening Test (CST) on 1 December 2017
ePoster Number: 124
Author: Ellie Mckay
Non-Cardiogenic Pulmonary Oedema in the Setting of Severe Early-Onset Pre-Eclampsia
ePoster Number: 50
Author: Nadine Becuzzi
Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing: An Audit of Its Indications and Uptake in a Tertiary Hospital
ePoster Number: 62
Author: Grace Cham
Opportunistic Salpingectomy in Women Undergoing Hysterectomy for Benign Indications: A Retrospective Analysis
ePoster Number: 11
Author: Lekha Diesing
Original Research: miRNA Expression in Tubal Ectopic Implantation
ePoster Number: 39
Author: Tatiana Zandanova
Outcomes of Cervical Ripening in Vaginal Birth after Caesarean: A Retrospective Study of Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District 2008-2018
ePoster Number: 159
Author: Adriana Suker
Outpatient Hysteroscopy: Best Practice and Well Accepted
ePoster Number: 154
Author: Meenu Sharma
Ovarian Stimulation in a Woman with a Yolk Sac Tumour Requesting Fertility Preservation
ePoster Number: 185
Author: Kieren Wilson
Patient Perception of Perinatal Mental Health Care in a Private Obstetric Group Practice
ePoster Number: 191
Author: Renee Wong
Peak Cervical Mucus: An Effective Approach to Achieving Pregnancy
ePoster Number: 34
Author: Gillian Barker
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID): The Diagnostic Dilemma?
ePoster Number: 74
Author: Richelle Douglas
Pembrolizumab in Advanced, Recurrent Cervical Cancer – Case Series and Review of Published Data
ePoster Number: 26
Author: Helena Obermair
Postpartum Seizure Following Administration of Ergometrine for Management of Postpartum Haemorrhage
ePoster Number: 66
Author: Klorkor Clottey
Predicting the Progression of Preeclampsia to Severe Disease at Term
ePoster Number: 133
Author: Tarini Paul
Predictors of Successful Outcome Following Trial of Instrumental Delivery in a Regional Centre
ePoster Number: 145
Author: Thangeswaran Rudra
Pregestational Diabetes, Fetal Surveillance, and Current Guidelines: A Systematic Review of the Literature
ePoster Number: 142
Author: Holly Richter
Pregnancy after Bariatric Surgery
ePoster Number: 91
Author: Mei Mei (Stella) Ho
Pregnancy Rates after Radical Trachelectomy for Early Cervical Cancer – Experiences of One European Institution
ePoster Number: 27
Author: Helena Obermair
Prenatal Diagnosis of Fetal Dural Sinus Thrombosis with Postnatal Resolution; A Case Report
ePoster Number: 183
Author: Emily Wilson
Prevalence of Trisomy 21, 18 and 13 in a State-Wide Perinatal Dataset, and the Association between Socioeconomic Status and the Timing of Diagnosis in Victoria (2015-16)
ePoster Number: 18
Author: Eliza Kluckow
Prevalence, Symptoms and Quality of Life for Nepali Women Diagnosed with a Pelvic Organ Prolapse Attending Reproductive Health Screening Camps
ePoster Number: 7
Author: Kirsten Black
Preventing Pre-eclampsia: The Effect of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor on Trophoblast Differentiation
ePoster Number: 153
Author: Caitya Shakespeare
Profile of Gynaecology Surgeries from the Western Province, Solomon Islands
ePoster Number: 176
Author: Mandy Wang
Proposed Fertility Preservation Protocol for Stage 1a Endometrial Cancer
ePoster Number: 188
Author: Kieren Wilson
Quantifying Natural Killer Cells from the Endometrium
ePoster Number: 186
Author: Kieren Wilson
Quantifying the Antenatal Care, Maternal and Perinatal Outcomes at the Second Largest Hospital in Solomon Islands (2014-2016)
ePoster Number: 89
Author: Sophia Hill
RANZCOG’s Global Health Committee: Recent Developments and How to Engage
ePoster Number: 52
Author: Kirsten Black
Rare Cases of Ectopic Pregnancies in Alice Springs
ePoster Number: 46
Author: Rajni Bansal
Recurrent Case of Fetal Cystic Hygroma in a Subsequent Pregnancy: a Case Study
ePoster Number: 41
Author: Madeleine Anese
Referrals to a Colposcopy Clinic at a Tertiary Hospital on the Gold Coast with HPV ‘Other’ Following the Introduction of the Cervical Screening Test (CST) on 1 December 2017
ePoster Number: 125
Author: Ellie Mckay
Regret Surrounding Fertility Preservation Decisions in the Paediatric Cancer Population
ePoster Number: 99
Author: Sadunee Jayasuriya
Repair of Anorectal Mucosa in Fourth Degree Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injury: A Case Series with a Continuous, Non-Locking and Sequentially Knotted Suturing Method (Onyeka Suturing Technique)
ePoster Number: 64
Author: Alexander Chen
Retesting and Reinfection Rates Following Chlamydia Trachomatis Infection in a Tasmanian Outpatient Clinic: A Retrospective Study
ePoster Number: 141
Author: Amy Richardson
Retrospective Analysis of the Anatomical Relationship of the Umbilicus and Aortic Bifurcation in Australian Adult Females
ePoster Number: 160
Author: Toby Sutton
Retrospective Cohort Study Evaluating Quantitative Fetal Fibronectin in Predicting Spontaneous Preterm Birth in Symptomatic Women
ePoster Number: 111
Author: Christoph Lehner
Retrospective Evaluation of the Efficiency of Booking Elective Caesarean Sections in a Large Australian Metropolitan Maternity Unit
ePoster Number: 81
Author: Chris Georgiou
Safety and Effectiveness of Oral Misoprostol for Induction of Labour in a Resource-Limited Setting: a Dose Escalation Study
ePoster Number: 58
Author: John Bolnga
Safety of Laparoscopic Pelvic Surgery in a Patient with a Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt
ePoster Number: 10
Author: Dorothy Davidson
Seasonal and Gestational Variation in Perinatal Depression in a Prospective Cohort in New Zealand
ePoster Number: 8
Author: Johanna Chan
Sexual Abuse History as a Risk Factor for Gynaecological Morbidity
ePoster Number: 86
Author: Tayla Hassam
Sexual Function Following a Laparoscopic Sacrocolpopexy
ePoster Number: 44
Author: Asha Thalisha Bala Krishnan
“She’s Gone through It.. That’s All We Care About…you’re Just the Dad”: Male Partner’s Experience of Miscarriage and Support Needs
ePoster Number: 127
Author: Ellena Miller
Shifting Sugar Standards: Maternal and Fetal Outcomes with Altered Diagnostic Criteria for Gestational Diabetes
ePoster Number: 173
Author: Anna Walch
Short Inter-Pregnancy Interval and its Association with Women’s Body Mass Index in the Subsequent Pregnancy
ePoster Number: 55
Author: Kirsten Black
Short Interpregnancy Interval and Perinatal Outcomes in the Solomon Islands
ePoster Number: 54
Author: Kirsten Black
Shoulder Tip Pain, the Call for HELLP? A Case of Subcapsular Liver Haematoma
ePoster Number: 157
Author: Bridie Stewart
SINGLE INCISION SLINGS – Audit of a Decade of Use
ePoster Number: 168
Author: Ian Tucker
Sleep Quality and Endometriosis: A Group Comparison Pilot Study
ePoster Number: 71
Author: Stacey Davie
Small Interface Changes Have Dramatic Impacts: How Mandatory Fields in Electronic Medical Records Increased Influenza Vaccination Rates in Obstetric Patients
ePoster Number: 131
Author: Roberto Orefice
Spontaneous Heterotopic Pregnancy and Ectopic Pregnancy: A Case Report
ePoster Number: 109
Author: Praneel Kumar
Spontaneous Heterotopic Pregnancy: A Case Report
ePoster Number: 108
Author: Praneel Kumar
State-Wide Utilization of Cell-Free DNA as a Primary or Secondary Screen: Results from the Victorian Perinatal Record Linkage (PeRL) Study
ePoster Number: 22
Author: Anthea Lindquist
Steven-Johnsons Syndrome Secondary to Mycoplasma Infection Presenting with Vulval Ulcers
ePoster Number: 49
Author: Nadine Becuzzi
Subsequent Pregnancy after Extreme Preterm Birth: A Single Centre Audit
ePoster Number: 113
Author: Melissa Lin
Successful Pregnancy Outcome in a Mother with Surgically Uncorrected Tetralogy of Fallot – A Case Report
ePoster Number: 84
Author: Punsiri Gunathilaka
Surgical Management Options for Ovarian Cysts in Women Over the Age of 50 by Non-CGO Gynaecologists – Should We Recommend BSO?
ePoster Number: 169
Author: Emily Twidale
The Association between Depression and Anti-Müllerian Hormone in Patients with Secondary Amenorrhea
ePoster Number: 100
Author: Gyun-Ho Jeon
The Association between Maternal Body Mass Index, Postpartum Haemorrhage and Need for Uterotonic or Surgical Treatment: A Retrospective Cohort Study
ePoster Number: 21
Author: Melissa Lin
The Burden of Adverse Obstetric and Perinatal Outcomes from Maternal Smoking in An Australian Cohort
ePoster Number: 20
Author: Raymond Li
The Cardiac-Obstetric Registry of South Australia (COROSA): Improving Outcomes of Pregnancy for Women with Heart Disease, a Retrospective and Prospective Approach
ePoster Number: 95
Author: Jarrad Hopkins
The DIAMOND Clinic: Establishing a Dedicated Clinic for Pregnant Women with Extreme Obesity
ePoster Number: 2
Author: Althea Askern
The Long and Short of it – Antenatal Clues to Lethal Chondrodysplasias
ePoster Number: 178
Author: Harvey Ward
The Management of Menopause: Where are we in 2018?
ePoster Number: 73
Author: Richelle Douglas
The Use of Foreign Surgical Material in Obstetrics
ePoster Number: 147
Author: Johannah Scaffidi
The Utilisation of Pelvic Lymph Node Dissection as Part of a Comprehensive Surgical Management of Early Stage Cervical Cancer in Australia 1998 – 2006
ePoster Number: 13
Author: Leon Foster
The Vaginal Microbiome during Pregnancy and its Impact on Preterm Birth – A Systematic Review
ePoster Number: 37
Author: Karolina Wicik
Three Consecutive Vaginal Cuff Dehiscence – Is InterceedTM The Red Herring?
ePoster Number: 180
Author: Karolina Wicik
Thrombotic Microangiopathy in a Pregnancy with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus: A Case Report
ePoster Number: 118
Author: Angela Lu
To See or not to See? Post-Operative Follow-Up in General Gynaecology
ePoster Number: 112
Author: Sam Lepine
Transcervical Balloon use for Cervical Ripening Associated with a Reduced Rate of After-Hours Delivery Compared to Vaginal Prostaglandins in a Regional Hospital.
ePoster Number: 51
Author: Laurel Bennett
Transplacental Management of Fetal Supraventricular Tachycardia
ePoster Number: 5
Author: Elisha Broom
Trends in Twin Birth: An Analysis of 32 Years of Twin Deliveries in Victoria
ePoster Number: 23
Author: Yizhen Liu
Updated Management of Gestational Trophoblastic Neoplasia Using a State Registry
ePoster Number: 93
Author: Taylor Hodge
Urodynamic Assessment of Patients with Stress Incontinence: Does it Lead to Better Outcomes?
ePoster Number: 12
Author: Melissa du Heaume
Use of Oxytocin during Elective Caesarean Sections in an Australian Metropolitan Maternity Service
ePoster Number: 158
Author: Tara Sudarmana
Use of the Bakri Balloon in the Management of Massive Postpartum Haemorrhage, Secondary to Cervical Trauma at Vaginal Birth
ePoster Number: 194
Author: Hari Yuvaraj
Using Discrete Event Simulation to Redesign Care in the Outpatient Setting
ePoster Number: 136
Author: Amy Phillips
Vaginal Birth After Caesarean – Call the midwife?
ePoster Number: 6
Author: Mairead Butler
Vaginal Birth after Caesarean Section: A Provincial Perspective
ePoster Number: 96
Author: Briar Hunter
Validation of a Prediction Model for Vaginal Delivery after Caesarean Section in a Regional Victorian Population
ePoster Number: 29
Author: Melinda Pattanasri
What Does Longterm Follow-Up of Adolescents with Dysmenorrhoea Tell Us about Endometriosis in Young Women?
ePoster Number: 106
Author: Benita Knox
Who Is that CTG Actually Recording? Reducing the Incidence of Maternal Traces in Second Stage
ePoster Number: 60
Author: Elisha Broom
Women’s Epidural Decision-Making: A Townsville Perspective
ePoster Number: 138
Author: Diane Quach
Working through the Scope at Alice Spring’s Hospital
ePoster Number: 119
Author: Basil Trench Lyngdoh