Sustainability Initiatives

As part of the Sustainability Initiative to reduce the carbon footprint of the RANZCOG 2021
ASM, the Organising Committee has implemented the below environmental actions:


The default catering for the Meeting will be a Planetary Diet: this diet is largely plant-based, with a focus on fresh vegetables, legumes, nuts and small amounts of meat and dairy products. This decision has been made from an environmental as well as health aspect, as reducing meat consumption is imperative in reducing the impact on the environment.

Delegate Satchel

In line with previous years, the RANZCOG 2021 ASM Delegate Satchel is ethically produced, and our supplier complies with both environmental and social business practices.


RANZCOG is working in conjunction with the Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart to include a variety of environmental initiatives for the Meeting that the hotel already actions. These include the following:

  • elimination of single use plastics
  • composting of all organic waste
  • exhibitor recycling stations
  • delegate recycling stations
  • glass, plastic and co-mingled waste recycling
  • water service utilising fresh Tasmanian water and glasses
  • crockery service for all hot beverages
  • sustainable power: Hotel Grand Chancellor has invested in energy efficiency software, low energy lighting and heating and cooling is powered by geothermally-harvested energy from waste water


The Delegate Lanyards for the 2021 ASM have been designed to reduce waste. Specially crafted with this in mind, the design eliminates the need for plastic pockets, and the lanyards are recyclable. There will be recycling collection points at the end of the Meeting to collect delegate lanyards.


All coffee stations throughout the Meeting will use crockery and washing stations as opposed to takeaway cups to reduce our waste impact. In Meeting rooms, fresh water will be available in jugs with glasses as opposed to bottled water. Please feel free to bring along your keep cup and your water bottle for refills!