Pre-Meeting Workshops

Sunday 13 October

Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Discover the transformative power of emotional intelligence and compassion under the guidance of the extraordinary Sharee Johnson. In this illuminating workshop, delve into the intricacies of stress responses, real-time self-care, the profound connection between emotions and the physical body, and the origin of our emotional landscapes.

Workshop Highlights

Insights from Sharee Johnson:

    • Led by the exceptional Sharee Johnson, a beacon of knowledge and expertise in Emotional Intelligence.
    • Benefit from Sharee’s wealth of experience as she unravels the complexities of understanding and managing emotions.

Real-Time Self-Care:

    • Gain practical insights into nurturing your well-being in the midst of daily stressors.
    • Learn actionable tools for immediate self-care that can be seamlessly integrated into your routine.

Cultivating Compassion:

    • Explore the profound connection between Emotional Intelligence and cultivating compassion.
    • Acquire skills to intelligently utilize your own emotions for sustained well-being.

Interactive Learning Experience:

    • Engage in experiential activities that bring emotional intelligence concepts to life.
    • Foster a supportive learning environment that encourages open discussion and shared insights.

Date and Time

Sunday 13 October


Suitable for

RANZCOG Associates (Procedural/Adv Procedural)


RANZCOG CPD Affiliates




Afternoon Tea

CPD Hours

CPD Allocation for Educational Activities, Outcome Measurement and Performance Review currently being finalised

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