Pre-Meeting Workshops

Sunday 13 October

Case Based Discussion for RANZCOG Fellows

Engage with your peers and experts with our workshop designed to facilitate knowledge sharing, critical thinking, problem-solving and professional development by analysing real-life cases in the field of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Workshop Highlights:

Practical Learning: Dive into real-life cases, aimed to enhance your problem-solving skills. You will engage in in-depth discussion of patient history, clinical findings, and diagnostic tests.

CPD Compliance: This workshop helps attendees secure hours in the hard-to-get domains of Ethical Awareness, Outcome Measurement, and Performance Review.

Expert Facilitators: The session will begin with the presentation of two intricate clinical cases. As participants delve into these real-life scenarios, our Facilitators skilfully guide discussions within smaller groups. Here, participants are not just encouraged but empowered to actively analyse the cases, share their management plans, and articulate the reasoning behind their decisions.

Networking: Connect with peers, fostering a collaborative professional community. Our Facilitators, masters of their field, will be your mentors throughout this collaborative workshop. Providing invaluable insights, they navigate the diverse approaches taken by participants, fostering an environment rich in shared knowledge and nuanced perspectives.

Self-Reflection: Participants will engage in critical reflection and identify areas of improvement.

Date and Time

Sunday 13 October

13.00 -17.00

Suitable for





Afternoon Tea

CPD Hours

CPD Allocation for Educational Activities, Outcome Measurement and Performance Review currently being finalised

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