Keynote Speaker

Sarah Stock

Dr Sarah Stock is a Wellcome Trust Clinical Career Development Fellow at the Usher Institute at the University of Edinburgh; and a Consultant and Subspecialist in Maternal and Fetal Medicine at the Simpson Centre for Reproductive Health at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. She received her medical degree from Manchester University Medical School and has a PhD from the University of Edinburgh. Her specialist and subspecialist clinical training was undertaken in Edinburgh, with periods in Glasgow, London and Australia.

Her research focuses on preterm birth and how this can affect the long-term health of the child, as well as how to diagnose fetal inflammation, and how to optimise treatments for this issue. Her research into this leverages population health data to explore the effect of environment on pregnancy and the effect of antenatal treatments on perinatal and childhood outcomes.

She now leads data-driven research into pregnancy treatments, including the international Co_OPT collaboration, which aims to establish the effects of inappropriately timed antenatal corticosteroids in babies and children. Dr Stock is also the Chief Investigator for UK large multicentre observational cohort studies inducing QUIDS (Quantitative Fibronectin to help Decision-Making in Women with Symptoms of Preterm Labour) and CHOICE (Cervical ripening at home or in-hospital) studies.